Cloudhunterrecords review of my CD "Ocean Breeze"

Review of OCEAN BREEZE by Ambraduna

"Ocean Breeze is the first album released by Ambraduna. I was introduced to the music of Ambraduna in 2009 through the Ambient New World net label, and the artist and I have become good online buddies, sharing music tips and tracks and recommendations. This is a review of OCEAN BREEZE, track by track.

The opening sounds of the first track (also called Ocean Breeze) really set the scene for this aquatic album – some good underwater-type sounds. They fit well with the album’s cover artwork, showing a woman and a child in a deep blue watery world. The ocean is a common theme in Ambraduna’s music, and after hearing a few tracks, it is easy to recognise his distinct style and sound. The track continues with more of a rhythm afterwards, with drones floating in and out in the background, and a rather nice melody on what sounds to me like a guitar tuned in an underwater cave. The track ends with sample recordings of ocean waves as the drones slowly subside – a nice effect.

The second track is called Sun of Sonora, and this is quite a tranquil track. A gentle tune of drones plays throughout, with more elements slowly added as the track progresses, mostly more nice slow little melodies. It’s simple but effective. For me, it makes me think of sunsets, without influence from the title. Then near the end a new drone comes in, a magical sweeping sound which for me symbolises the sun falling below the horizon as night begins.

This interpretation fits in well with the start of the next track, which has night-insect sounds and a flute, which makes me think of being in a small forest at night. This is the first of four tracks on this album which I first heard on the Ambient New World exclusive album by Ambraduna, called Arpa Atlantis. This track is called Umuwa Desert Winds, and after the night-time introduction, a rhythm begins. It sounds quite Australian, because there are sticks clacking together, tribal drum patterns and a didgeridoo that pans between the two speakers. Later a guitar joins in; a very acoustic sounding one that fits well with the desert atmosphere this track creates. The track ends with the same night-time sounds at the beginning, coming full circle.

Track four is Casuarina Dreamtime. As far as my knowledge tells me, Dreamtime is the Aboriginal Australian world creation concept. I don’t know much about Australian mythology, but this track also contains the tribal elements and drumming from the previous track. It sounds like something Steve Roach would make, especially around the two-minute mark. For an added bonus there is also a magical voice chanting some incantation behind the drums. The second half of the track is a long drone which sounds very reminiscent of the ambient music in the homeworlds of the video game Spyro 2. That brought back some nice childhood memories!

The next track is Infinite Arc, and this was the first track by Ambraduna that I heard back on the Ambient New World release Arpa Atlantis. The beginning sounds very magical, and I remember first listening to this track over two years ago with interest and expectation from this new artist I had discovered. The insect sounds from track three also make a quiet return along with some new elements which sound like rainmakers at a slow speed. Another tribal rhythm begins with some more ritualistic chanting. The track ends like this as it fades out.

Next up is the track Arpa Atlantis. This is a calm track with some nice twinkling Japanese harp effects near the start. The drones create a mysterious atmosphere, and three minutes in there is a female vocalist. She only appears once briefly, but her moment is probably the highlight of this track. A deep harp creates a melody, and drones which seem to mimic the sound of the singer’s voice weave their way around it.

The following track I cited as my favourite from the Arpa Atlantis release: Ammonite. This is also the track you can hear on Ambraduna’s website home page with that amazing panography. The main riff that forms this tracks structure really has a spiralling sound to it; it really sounds like you’re travelling around the coils of an ammonite’s shell. This is a fine tribute song to our ancient marine ancestor.

The penultimate song is called Antelope Canyon, and it reminds me of something that you might hear on an album by Alio Die. It sounds very organic. It’s the shortest track on this release, but it has a good quality to it, and for me it brings together all of the atmospheres that have made up the previous tracks as a sort of round-up, saying it’s nearly the end of the CD. All albums should have an appropriate penultimate track; in my opinion, the flow of the album is just as important as the quality of music it includes. And yes, there at the end are the night insects again!

Now the final track is called Tanah Lot Pagoda. This track is very powerful, and has the sounds of singing bowls and even some overtone singing. It stands out from the other tracks because of this, and creates an image of temples on high green hills and slopes (for me at least). I guess that’s why it’s listed as a bonus track (bonus meaning ‘good’ in Latin by the way). But it also shares some of its musical elements with the first track, which again highlights the concept of coming full circle. A good rounding off of Ambraduna’s first CD!"

NEWS: October 22, 2011 has published their album "Out Of October" which contains the track "Lovenia Bagheera" by Ambraduna.


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CD "Possible Light" by Ambraduna

The Album "Possible Light" is a fusion of Ambient, Chill Out and New Age Music.

Right from the start the piece "Dawn At Tahiche" takes you to imaginary and warm places!
Its music is forged by a rhythmic guitar together with wonderful, floating sound-floors.
"Flying South"
lets you also hear some nature sounds within; sounds of Bellbirds from Australia.
"On The Reef" is more percussive, more Chill Out and "Rising From Underwater" takes you
to a trip from the mystic depths of the Ocean up to their surface.

All in one a beautiful, intense Album!
Click on any picture to have a listen.

New CD "Atlantic Visions" released!

Click on one of the pictures to get there.
Check my new composition "Flying South" in the player!
Added on September 2010

Flying South

Flying South

"Dreaming Purple Lights"

Click on "play now" to see all titles. Enjoy!


Player only page:

"Dawn at Tahiche" - music by Ambraduna

"Azurea" - the clip


The video of "Azurea" with the slow motion Ocean-view
was created by Anthony Bloxham, a friend
from England. Here his site:

The music of Anthony Bloxham alias "The Great Schizm"

"Coralia" - by Ambraduna - 2009

Here's "Coralia" a piece of mixed Ambient and Chill-out. I used 7 synthesizers for it. Well, it's a sort of imaginative trip into remote places...the ones where you best encounter yourself alone facing the beauty of planet Earth with all its wonders.

:) Enjoy it - Cheers!

"Aquatica" - track nr.2 on the player

"Aquatica" - track nr.2 on the player

"AZUREA" music by Ambraduna

"AZUREA" music by Ambraduna

"Great Blue Wahoo" - briiliant music!

"Great Blue Wahoo" - briiliant music!

"When you listen to music with a sort of «third ear» you will appreciate the benefits of listening well and be able to travel with your spirit." Ambraduna

New song out now: "SUN OF SONORA"
Please check track number 12 on the player!


"Arpa Atlantis" music by Ambraduna

New: "HESPERIDES" (Fortune Islands) track 1 - Free downloadable!

New: "HESPERIDES" (Fortune Islands) track 1 - Free downloadable!
Enjoy "OCEANIA" - my past works. Soundtracks that evoke stunning journeys into underwater worlds!

Intro track to "OCEANIA" 2000

OCEANIA track 001

OCEANIA track 002

OCEANIA track 003




"It's a quite just sit by the sea – thinking of nothing - just watching an enchanting sunset, mesmerized! At this moment you feel completely free, present, and you hear those magical sounds around you - a sort of timeless music that comes from everywhere - you feel that warm orange light inside you and you simply feel happy to be (t)here – again...reconnected." Peace.

Dedicated to all music lovers - AMBRADUNA 2009

"OCEAN BREEZE" Check track number 10.

"OCEAN BREEZE" Check track number 10.
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